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Expansive Soils

Expansive soils are soils that are sensitive to moisture. Expanding or shrinking soil can cause structural components to move including footings, foundation walls and floor slabs. Although the soils… More
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Spring New Life Into Home

It’s finally that time of year to begin to refresh and reorganize your home! Spring will soon be sprung which means fresh scents, chirping birds and new life in the garden! It’s time to bring… More
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Tips for Wood Burning Fireplaces

Do not burn trash. Do not burn pressure-treated or painted wood. Burn seasoned hardwood, softwood will cause creosote to build up more quickly. Load the logs near the back of the fireplace. Use the… More
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A Breath of Fresh Air

Houseplants are visually appealing and also they improve our home’s air quality by adding oxygen and removing harmful pollutants. Here are a few hardy plants that will thrive in any environment:… More
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Questions to Make Clutter Go

Is your home overflowing with clutter? Most of it is likely sentimental stuff, which is the hardest to part with because they tug at us emotionally. For a can’t-miss way you make it easier to… More
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Pillar To Post ranked #1 home inspection franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

We are thrilled to announce that Pillar To Post has been ranked the #1 home inspection franchise and #58 franchise overall in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2017 Franchise 500®. Entrepreneur is the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise measurement and ranking tool.