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If there is one question that defines whether we will have a full-filling life experience or not it is “Are You Willing?”

We often have goals, desires, and dreams that we long for. We speak of changes we’d really like to see in our lives:
1. New career
2. Richer relationship
3. More self-confidence
4. Optimal health
5. Financial wealth
6. Great happy home
7. A secure peace of mind
8. Just about anything you may think of.

It all boils down to our willingness. The difference between success and failure; happiness and misery can be found in our level of resistance and willingness to be fully present, take action, make a change, shift our thinking, or take a risk.

If you’re not willing, you can be 100% certain of the results and your experience. It will look exactly as what you’re experiencing right now. If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Or, so the saying goes… In order to be fully alive you have to be willing. Willing to feel whatever you’re feeling - the good, bad, and ugly. You also need to be willing to show up fully for yourself and others every day no matter what.

Consider some of these as they apply to your life. Are You Willing to:
Live with your heart wide open and experience great love?
Take action toward your desires even when you don’t feel like it or are scared?
Follow your own heart and integrity even when it is unpopular?
Live with your heart wide open even when experiencing sadness, hurt, or loss?
Feel the full range of emotions that exist without judging them?
Move forward, fall, get up, win, lose, succeed, fail, get back up and keep going?
Keep the faith regardless of what happens?
Be vulnerable?
Take a risk?
To say “no” when you mean “no”?
Get quiet, get out of your head and into your heart?
Be still and simply listen to your heart?

For the next few weeks, just notice where in your life you are willing and where you are not. Notice where you are open and where you are closed off. Is there any correlation between the areas where you are closed off and unwilling and the frustrations or lack of progress you are experiencing? What would it take for you to simply open up and be willing? Play with the idea a bit more knowing that it is safe to be willing and see what shifts for you.

Paula G.

Improving your home’s air quality is easier than you might think.

The term “air quality” is usually associated with outdoor air pollution caused by cars and factories. The truth however is that the toxins in our home can be just as dangerous.

Hazards include pet dander, dust mites, nitrous dioxides, formaldehyde and fungi. Fear not though as there are a variety of ways to improve your home’s air quality such as:

Let It Out - Properly ventilate your home with exhaust fans and open up your windows whenever possible.

Natural Air - Houseplants such as peace lilies and spider plants will soak up toxins and naturally purify your home’s air.

Humid House - Purchase a humidity gauge so that you can monitor and adjust your home’s humidity levels.

Clean Green - Use natural cleaners such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda instead of toxic chemical cleaners.

Furry Friends - Brush pets outside and wash their beds on a regular basis to control hair and dander.

Fresh & Clean - Mix up homemade air fresheners instead of using synthetic ones full of chemicals.

Tread Lightly - Carpets trap irritants which can be especially harmful to children so vacuum regularly and place doormats at each entrance.

Implementing just a few of these ideas will make a huge difference.

It can be fun to follow the latest home and garden trends. Here are a few of the latest trends to entertain:

1. Shedquarters - A “shedquarter” is a private, backyard spot that can be used as an office, artist workspace or even a party area.

2. Docking Stations - Small, pull down desks can be added almost anywhere as wireless technology enables us to shift away from traditional home offices.

3. Vintage Vanities - Putting your bathroom sink on just about anything is huge this year! Old dressers, filing cabinets and even tree trunks can be converted into unique vanities.

4. Laundry Love - Homeowners are giving their laundry rooms some serious love with innovative storage solutions, bright lighting and even stylish wallpaper!

5. Smart Windows - Cutting edge window technology now allows our windows to be programmed according to the weather outside as well as the air quality inside.

Just like fashion, home trends can come and go, so it’s important not to overcommit. Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration.

When selling your home, it’s often the small things that make a huge difference. Storage can be a critical factor for buyers so here are two simple tips that will make your home seem larger:

Remove at least half of all items from closets, shelves and cupboards so they appear larger and get rid of anything on the floor. Use the same matching hangers (no wire!) throughout.

Organize the remaining items so your closets and cupboards look tidier. Make sure to neatly fold up towels and linens and use attractive bins and boxes to organize any loose items.

The points above may seem obvious but they’re often overlooked. Remember that storage space sells and if buyers see your closets bursting at the seams, they’ll assume your home isn’t big enough for you or for them.

A high relative humidity in your home encourages mold growth and dust mites, can make your house smell musty, and can potentially damage your home and your possessions. In simplest terms, “relative humidity” refers to the amount of dampness in the air. This Pillar To Post® Info Series offers suggestions for addressing high humidity.

Control Humidity at the Source
Whole House High Humidity
Lack of ventilation
- Newer homes are “tight”, meaning well-sealed, restricting ventilation. Without fresh air circulation, humidity builds up inside your home (only an issue during heating season when the windows are closed).

Oversized central air conditioner - Central air conditioning is an excellent dehumidifier. An oversized central air conditioner, however, has on-cycles that are too short to effectively remove humidity.
Caution - A gas-fired appliance not venting properly may cause high humidity. If you have any doubt, immediately contact a qualified heating contractor to investigate.

Localized High Humidity
- If an area, such as a basement, gets too much cold air supply, may create condensation and a high humidity problem. Adjusting the supply registers prior to the cooling season may help.
Clothes dryer discharging into house - This situation creates a huge source of moisture concentrated in a small area. Clothes dryers should discharge to the exterior even in winter. Verify that the discharge pipe is clear and connected properly at the back of the dryer.
Bathroom fans - Showers and baths add a great deal of moisture. Install an exhaust fan.
Basement dampness - Before you crank on a dehumidifier, find the moisture culprit and reduce or eliminate it at its source.
Crawlspace dampness - Put a sheet of plastic covered in sand or gravel over a dirt floor crawlspace to keep the dampness down.

A dehumidifier may be your only way to control moisture in a damp area. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and drains the liquid into a reservoir or drain. If the room is colder than 65 °F (18 °C) the dehumidifier may ice up. In this case, shut off the unit until it has defrosted then turn it back on. You may also have to increase the temperature of the space. Some units will operate down to about 42 °F (6 °C) and automatically defrost when they ice up.

The summer fruit you favor does more than just refresh you - it also reveals key insights into your personality. Find your favorite fruit to see what it says about you . . .

Pineapples: You’re unique and alluring.
You possess a style that can’t be replicated.

Cantaloupe: You’re mellow and down-to-earth.
Easygoing and laid-back, you exude mellowness and are loved by all.

Peaches: You’re a true sweetheart.
You were born with nurturing instincts and an effortless intuition of the needs of others.

Strawberries: You’re a charming crowd-pleaser.
You are an open book, unafraid to let your authentic personality shine.

Cherries: You’re an irreplaceable creative.
Your originality and passion mean you are often found shining in creative pursuits.

Load up on lemons if you’re searching for a powerful, friendly environmentally cleaner that can tackle virtually any household chore!

Here are just a few ways to make your home naturally sparkle:
Lemon juice is great at absorbing stains on countertops.
Soak carpet stains for 20 minutes then rinse and blot.
Mix lemon juice with baking soda to create a scouring paste.

Heat a bowl of water with sliced lemons in the microwave for a few minutes before wiping it down.

Lemons are an excellent alternative to toxic cleansers plus they’ll fill your home with a refreshing citrus scent!

You can measure humidity levels with an inexpensive device called a hygrometer, easily obtained at any hardware store. Take a measurement in a few areas to see if the problem is localized, or if the house is humid throughout. A humidity level of 50% is normal for the summer. In the winter, the ideal indoor humidity depends on the outdoor air temperature and may be 30% or less on colder days.


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