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New Year's Type

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“Mind your Language” is a great piece of advice, truly mind it. Think about the effect it has on you and then on those around you as you use it. The words and phrases you choose to use are very important.

Change your New Year’s Resolutions and swap them for New Year’s “Evolutions”.

Think about the word Resolution - looking in my trusty dictionary, it means “a firm decision to do or not to do something. The action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter.” When you pull it apart, re-solution becomes a solution, redone. It’s so common to make a resolution to eat less, exercise more, spend less, save more, work less and be with family more.

Think about the word Evolution - the gradual development of something. Current senses stem from a notion of “opening out” and “unfolding” giving a rise to a general sense of development. Now with the word Evolution (remember, we only tweaked 2 letters) there’s a more forward motion to it, more of a sense of “Ok, for where I am now and for how I’ve developed now and what I want in my life now, this is what I want in 2018”.

Try putting down 5 New Year’s “Evolutions” for yourself and before you do, take a moment with these 5 steps to think about how you are “opening out”, “unfolding” and “developing”.

1. Think about how your life was 2 years ago - at the beginning of 2016 - then think about what’s going on now and how things have evolved for you.

2. What are the major changes that have happened? It’s one of the few things we can guarantee in life, that things change. We choose how we respond to those changes.

3. Next, consider what’s happening in each of these areas of your life - home / work / relationships / career / finances and ask yourself “what do I want to have more of and less of in these areas now?”

4. Here’s where your “New Year’s Evolutions” start to form. From where you are now, for the person you are now, for what you’re doing now.

5. Put down the following words. Then finish this sentence at least 5 times “For what I want now, in 2018 I will…”

So, with two letters tweaked your Resolutions have become your “2018 Evolutions”. May you keep evolving.

Article reproduced with permission of Kay White.

Think Big Type

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With a little help, you can still live large in a small space! It is important that you don’t feel boxed in. The following tips will help transform your cramped quarters into something more expansive:

1. Shady Solutions - Painting walls a soft shade and the ceiling bright white will give the illusion of added height.

2. Is That a Door In Your Pocket? - Installing pocket doors is an easy and inexpensive way to create lots of extra usable space.

3. Lighten Up - Keep window areas clear of heavy drapes to expand wall area and let the sun shine in as it helps a space feel larger.

4. Mirror Mirror - Strategically placed mirrors will create the illusion of added space and they’ll also reflect light into adjoining rooms.

5. Cut a Rug - Having the same type of flooring throughout your home will make it feel more spacious, so avoid using too many area rugs.

6. Cut the Clutter - Have a place for everything so that the surfaces in your home don’t get cluttered. Storage baskets for example are great for hiding remotes and magazines.

7. Open Up - Arrange your furniture so you can see as much of the floor as possible. Rooms with blocked views can feel cramped so move furniture away from entrances.

Whether you’re getting ready to put your home on the market or you just want to create more space for yourself, these easy and inexpensive tips will help give you a little extra breathing room. By thinking big and getting creative, you’ll comfortably live large in even the smallest of spaces.

Questions Type

Clutter Go Shadow

Is your home overflowing with clutter? Most of it is likely sentimental stuff, which is the hardest to part with because they tug at us emotionally. For a can’t-miss way you make it easier to choose which should stay and which should give away, ask these five simple questions.

1. Does it make me happy? If it doesn’t make you smile or you feel guilty and stressed about not appreciating it, it should not be in the house.

2. Can I photograph it? Have something big and unwieldy that you hang on to? A photo will take less room and spark the same happy memories as the thing itself.

3. Can I scan it? Certificates, child’s drawings, old letters scanning them into a computer saves you room and also keeps them safe and secure forever.

4. Do I have two? Keep the best and donate the rest. Ask “Which one do I like the most?”

5. Who could I make happy with this? You get extra space and donating to a good cause delivers a happiness boost that can last weeks.

Breath Type

Plant Shadow

Houseplants are visually appealing and also they improve our home’s air quality by adding oxygen and removing harmful pollutants. Here are a few hardy plants that will thrive in any environment:

1. Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are great for beginners as they’re almost impossible to kill and they also look great in hanging baskets.

2. Cast Iron Plants (Aspidistra elatior) are foolproof as they only require dim light and also don’t need much water.

3. The Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderana) simply stands in water and has been used by the Chinese for centuries in the art of feng shui to create harmony in the home.

Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death for houseplants. Water them thoroughly but make sure there are drainage holes so excess water can escape, as you don’t want your plants to be sitting in water.

Improper lighting is another reason why promising young plants become statistics. It’s important to match the lighting needs of plants with the amount of light you have to offer.

Burning Type

There is nothing like the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace. But like any heating system, wood burning fireplaces require yearly maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Furnace Shadow

Most chimney flues are not readily visible when you look up the chimney. Often, you cannot properly inspect the flue until it has been cleaned. It is important to get your chimney and flue cleaned and inspected every year for a number of reasons, but the two main reasons involve safety. Simply put, get the flue cleaned to avoid a chimney fire. A chimney fire occurs when the combustible deposits in the chimney (creosote) ignite. A chimney sweep can remove the creosote deposits that potentially cause fires. Second, have the flue inspected. A flue liner in good condition will help protect your home if you do have a chimney fire. An inspection of the chimney flue is not part of a home inspection. Call a trained technician to clean and inspect your chimney flue.

Old Unlined Chimneys
Fireplaces in old homes may not have clay flue liners. It is particularly important to seek the advice of an expert for these old chimneys. Unlined brick chimneys come in two varieties: single thickness (four inches of brick), and double thickness (eight inches of brick). There is little debate that a four inch thick, unlined chimney is not acceptable. This chimney should either have a liner added, or the fireplace decommissioned. Consider hiring an expert who does not offer a chimney lining service. This will give you an unbiased opinion on whether a liner is needed.

Glass Doors
Glass doors across fireplace openings reduce heat loss when the fireplace is not running. Most glass door systems added to an existing fireplace are not designed to be closed when the fire is lit. On the other hand, some high efficiency zero-clearance fireplaces are designed for operation with the doors closed. If you are not sure, ask the technician who cleans and inspects your fireplace and flue.

Wood Stove
A wood stove is more efficient than a fireplace. Modern wood stoves burn cleanly and efficiently. Like fireplaces, the wood stove must be cleaned and inspected annually.

Today, a fireplace can be added to almost any home. A zero-clearance fireplace can be installed directly against an existing wall.

Comfort Type

Chocolate Shadow

We all have one food that can melt stress and make us feel warm and cozy. Find the food that boosts your mood to learn more about yourself. If your mood-food is . . .

Ice Cream: You’re a sentimental dreamer.
You hold onto your dreams just as tightly as you hold onto your youth, never giving up, even when the going gets rough.

Mac ‘n Cheese: You’re a think-ahead nurturer.
You are an all-around complete person with the stamina that always carries you to the finish line.

Mashed Potatoes: You’re pressure-proof.
You feel in touch with your roots and therefore secure. You have confidence to think on your feet and always have great solutions.

Chocolate: You’re a go-getting gormand.
You like to be on the go. When things slow down, you love the good things in life - and you’re willing to work hard to achieve them.

Brew Type

Tea Shadow

Guarantee Healthy Plants. Before potting a plant, place tea bags on the drainage hole of the planter. They will retain water and keep your plant full of life.

Shine Your Mirrors. Cool a pot of strong tea. Dip a clean cloth into the brew and use it to clean the mirrors. Finish by buffing the area with a dry cloth for a perfect shine.

Clean Pots with Ease. Cooked-on food can be hard to remove. Instead of scouring, fill the pot with warm water and drop in a tea bag. The acids in the tea help break up the food.

Absorb Fridge Odors. Put used tea bags in a shallow bowl and place in the back of the fridge. They will absorb odors just like baking soda.

Tips Type

House Watch Picture

Do not burn trash.
Do not burn pressure-treated or painted wood.
Burn seasoned hardwood, softwood will cause creosote to build up more quickly.
Load the logs near the back of the fireplace.
Use the spark screen.
Make sure smoke and CO detectors are functioning.
Have the chimney and fireplace or wood stove inspected and cleaned annually.

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