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If you’d like to get 2017 off to a great start, consider not just what you might need to ‘do’, but who and how you need to ‘be’ to make it happen. Here are ten positive suggestions to make it a great year:

• Authentic: The greatest gift that we can give to the world is to simply be ourselves. We’re all unique beings, with our own sets of values, talents and gifts. When we’re comfortable being ourselves, we allow the people around us to feel the same way.

• Healthy: If your diet isn’t supporting you in feeling energetic and well, now’s a good time to look at it. Eating less fried foods and more raw foods, preferably organic whenever possible, is an easy way to get started. And of course, drink lots of water.

• Courageous/Brave/Adventurous: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Challenge yourself to be courageous, brave and adventurous and shift out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

• Happy: Happiness comes from within. Be responsible for your own happiness. Avoid negative people and situations as much as you can. Know what makes you happy and allocate time for yourself each week.

• Collaborative: We can feel overwhelmed when we do everything alone. Whether it’s work-related, a financial investment or just something fun - consider who you can team up with to make things happen.

• Calm/Peaceful: Make time regularly to relax and enjoy feelings of peace and tranquility. Book in holidays for later in the year, yoga or meditation classes for now to keep your stress levels under control.

• Present: Practice being 100% present, wherever you are, and giving your full attention to the task at hand or person you’re with.

• Contemplative: Regularly check-in with yourself by asking: Is what I’m doing today moving me toward or away from my goals? Ask your heart as well as your head.

• Optimistic: Have you wasted time worrying yourself sick about things that didn’t happen? Shift your thinking from focusing your attention on what you don’t want or you’re afraid of happening to what you do want and notice the difference in your experience.

• Intentional: Before you do anything, create an intention for how you’d like it to turn out. I’ve done this with both my goals, as well as my days, for years now, and am always pleasantly surprised at how easily, almost magically, things have unfolded as a result.

Other ways of being you might like to contemplate include being creative, generous, kind, loving, strong, fit, spiritual, imaginative, happy, friendly, indulgent, wise, helpful, powerful, respectful, focused, organised, grateful, positive, and open-minded.

Tania Basheer

Is your home safe? Studies show that burglaries occur at an average of every eight seconds, 400,000 serious residential fires happen every year, and more child deaths result from accidents than from all diseases combined.

Though we can never be completely safe at home, we can take certain steps to dramatically reduce hazards and the possibility of injury or tragedy.

1. Make sure your home is fire-safe.

Test every smoke detector in your house by pressing the test button. If it doesn’t sound an alert, replace the battery.

Keep at least two fully charged, multipurpose fire extinguishers in your home: One in the kitchen area and one in the garage, located in clear view.

2. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
The surest prevention is to have a professional technician inspect flues and vents, chimneys, and any fuel-burning equipment.

3. Make your home more secure.
A home security system can protect your house and family from burglary, carbon monoxide, and fire whether you’re home or away.

4. Be prepared for emergencies.
Develop an escape plan and practice with a family drill. Each room should have at least two exits.

5. Make your home safe for children.
If you have a swimming pool, pond or hot tub, be sure kids can’t get to it on their own. Never leave children unattended near pools or tubs.

Additionally, if you have small children in your home, check for poisons or objects that could be ingested, and eliminate the potential for falls.

Your basement doesn’t have to be the dark and dreary spot in your home anymore.

Low ceilings, limited light and general dreariness can make the basement a hard spot to hang out in. Here are a few ways to brighten things up in what is often a dark and cramped looking space:

1. Fresh Coat - Paint the walls a light shade and ceilings even lighter to give the illusion of height.

2. Lighten Up - Use various lighting sources layered at different heights including wall sconces and lamps to brighten things up.

3. Mirror Mirror - Place mirrors across from your basement windows in order to maximize the effect of natural light.

4. Floored - Don’t break up the basement by choosing continuous flooring so that the space will appear larger.

These are just a few ways to transform your basement from dark and dreary to bright and beautiful. All it takes are just a few simple adjustments and before you know it, your basement will become one of your most popular hangouts!

Shutters inside the home can be warm, beautiful and functional.

Interior shutters can be used inside a window in place of blinds. These offer both privacy and shade. In fact, some interior window shutters can help you save money on your energy bills.

Interior shutters are available in either wood or vinyl. Experts say that vinyl is better for those desiring a painted look while wood is best for customers that want a stained look. Vinyl shutters are available in a variety of colors, but white is the most popular. Shutters are available in stock sizes or custom sizes.

Shutters can be used in other areas beside windows, such as on louver doors separating rooms within the house. This allows a certain level of privacy without completely shutting off the room. It also offers a unique decorating opportunity.

Interior shutters offer many advantages, including privacy, shade, and décor. For a unique and classy window cover or room divider, consider installing interior shutters.

Radon is a radioactive gas that exists naturally in the environment in very low concentrations.

Radon comes from uranium in the soil. While uranium is not present in significant quantities in most geographical areas, traces of uranium in the soil exist everywhere. As uranium breaks down, it produces radon gas.

Radon is classified as a human carcinogen. Breathing radon gas is associated with an increased risk of developing lung cancer. The risk increases with increased concentration of radon in the air and exposure time. The concern is around radon levels that can build up inside a house. Even if you live in an area with fairly low environmental radon, you could still have significant levels in your home.

Radon Testing
You can get a relatively inexpensive test that will determine the radon levels in your home. Testing strategies fall into two general categories: short term testing, which may take only a few days; or long term testing, which could take several months. While long term testing gives you a better indication of the radon exposure, people often choose short term testing for faster results. Getting your home tested is a good first step and consulting an expert is always a good idea.

Understanding Radon Levels
Radon levels are measured in one of three different units:
The most common unit of measure in the US is pico Curies per Liter (pCi/L), and the most common unit of measure in Canada being Becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/m³)
You may also see the term working levels (WL), common in scientific literature

The following numbers are what you can expect to see:
Average outdoor level is 0.3 pCi/L or 10 Bq/m³
Average indoor level is 1.2 pCi/L or 45 Bq/m³
Indoor action level in the United States is 4 pCi/L or 150 Bq/m³
Indoor action level in Canada is 5.4 pCi/L or 200 Bq/m³

The action level is the level at which you should take steps to reduce the radon gas entering your home.

The hand and brain are closely linked by the nervous system, changing the way you write can make you feel happier and more successful.

Are your letters you write mostly…

Headed Downward: You deserve a lift. Focus on writing your words sloped upwards to subconsciously lift your mind and see things moving up. Boost optimism.

Slanted to the Left: You put others happiness first. Try slanting the opposite way and say “I am in control”. Visualize moving forward for a new start on life.

Print Instead of Cursive: You need to go with the flow. Write anything in script and feel your brain relax. Transforming one letter to the next becomes almost meditative.

Small and Cramped: Take up more space and feel more confident.

Streamline your wardrobe and stay organized all year long.

1. Empty. Remove the contents of your closet. Lay clothing on your bed and arrange shoes and accessories on the floor.

2. Evaluate. Start with clothes. If not worn in over a year, you probably will not miss it if you give it away. If you wear it regularly, hang it back in the closet.

3. Eliminate. Collect unwanted but wearable garments in a bag and donate to charity.

4. Establish order. Hang like items together in the closet. Affix closet door hooks to hang accessories. Arrange shoes on a shoe rack.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert radioactive gas. It is formed by the natural radioactive decay of uranium in rock, soil, and water. It can be found throughout North America. Testing for it is the only way of telling how much is present.

The EPA offers examples of where radon can enter a building structure:
Cracks in solid floors
Construction joints
Cracks in walls
Gaps in suspended floors
Gaps around service pipes
Cavities inside walls
Water supply


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