Professionally Trained Home Inspection Professionals
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Professionally Trained Home Inspection Professionals

Times Have Changed

With the introduction of mandatory property disclosure laws, the last decade has seen a huge increase in the demand for home inspection services. As the home inspection profession has grown, so too have the standards for licensing home inspectors. It's no longer enough to have once been a renovator, electrician, or foundation specialist. Home inspectors are now required to gain expertise in all the home’s systems. Today’s standards for professional inspections have encouraged good inspection companies to train their inspectors to perform at a high level.

Pillar To Post – Professional Inspectors You Can Trust

At Pillar To Post, every home inspector professional is rigorously trained both in the classroom and on site, and required to continually upgrade his or her skills to keep current with new technologies and professional standards. All of our inspectors are members of regional, state, national and provincial associations across the United States and Canada, and all inspections are conducted within the Standards of Practice of these associations.

In addition, all professional Pillar To Post home inspectors must carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. Especially important for Realtors, lenders, and relocation specialists, E&O insurance is key differentiator of Pillar To Post, as it protects referring agents from liability.

All Pillar To Post home inspectors and home inspection consultants are trained to inspect up to 1,600 points on a home as part of a standard inspection. For the convenience of our customers, many Pillar To Post inspectors also offer a wide range of added services, which include radon, well water quality, mold (where qualified), wood destroying organism, asbestos, and lead testing, as well as septic, swimming pool, and condominium inspections.

Availability of added services may vary according to location and certifications, contact your local Pillar To Post home inspector professionals for details.