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From home maintenance, to safety tips, to suggestions for staying organized and improving your mood, our electronic newsletter, ePostNotes, is filled with information to help you live, work, and feel better.

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January 2018 ePostNotes

January 2018

New Year's “Evolutions”

“Mind your Language” is a great piece of advice, truly mind it. Think about the effect it has on you and then on those around you as you use it. The words and phrases you choose to use are very important.

Change your New Year’s Resolutions and swap them for New Year’s “Evolutions”.

Think about the word Resolution - looking in my trusty dictionary, it means “a firm decision to do or not to do… Read More.

November 2017 ePostNotes

November 2017

Things Exceptional People Say

Want to make a huge difference in your own or other’s lives? Here are things you should say every day - to your employees, colleagues, family members, friends, and everyone you care about:

1. “Here’s what I’m thinking.” You’re in charge but that doesn’t mean you’re smarter, savvier, or more insightful than everyone else. Authority can make you “right,” but collaboration makes everyone right… Read More.

September 2017 ePostNotes

September 2017

Combat Boredom and Get Things Done

Have you ever become so absorbed in an activity that time seemed to just fly by? You were able to focus – without looking for distractions – and found you were super productive.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that same experience with the tasks you’ve been putting off – like tidying up your desk or tackling your taxes?

The tendency to put off repetitive routine chores is common, so you are not alone… Read More.

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