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Why Test for Radon? What You Need to Know Part 2

Any home can have a radon problem – old or new homes, well-sealed or drafty homes, homes with or without basements. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. and Canada… More
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Interior Leaks

In some cases what appears to be a roof surface leak is not a leak at all but rather an interior source of water. Here are some examples – Air leakage from the house: If… More
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Fake a Clean House

Flip the Cushions. Make your couch look brand-new just by flipping over the cushions to the other spotless side. Stack Books. Gather books and pile them neatly on the edge of a desk, shelf or… More
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The Leaky Roof Surface

As the roof surface ages, it wears and becomes less and less reliable. Eventually it may leak. But not only old roofs leak. One of the most common causes of roof failures is poor workmanship… More
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Holiday & Winter Fire Safety

Residential fires take their toll every day, every year, in lost lives, injuries, and destroyed property. But many conditions that cause house fires can be avoided or prevented by homeowners. Taking the… More
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