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Inspection Insights: Wood Burning Fireplaces

There is nothing like the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace. But like any heating system, wood burning fireplaces require yearly maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. Most chimney… More
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Why Test for Radon? What You Need to Know

Almost inevitably, the subject of home inspection will come up during the buying process. Some buyers may be inclined to overlook the importance of the home inspection; there is so much else going at… More
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A Breath of Fresh Air

Houseplants are visually appealing and also they improve our home’s air quality by adding oxygen and removing harmful pollutants. Here are a few hardy plants that will thrive in any environment:… More
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Questions to Make Clutter Go

Is your home overflowing with clutter? Most of it is likely sentimental stuff, which is the hardest to part with because they tug at us emotionally. For a can’t-miss way you make it easier to… More
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Think Big Small Spaces

With a little help, you can still live large in a small space! It is important that you don’t feel boxed in. The following tips will help transform your cramped quarters into something more expansive:… More
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