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Inspection Insights: Manufactured Homes

A manufactured home is a home that is built in a factory and transported to a building lot where it is placed on piers or a foundation. Manufactured homes used to be known as “mobile… More
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Bring the Indoor, Outside!

The trend of extending the indoors outside is as popular as ever! Extending your indoor space outside will add value, comfort and style to your home. Here are a few inexpensive ways to transform your… More
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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Entrance

Transforming your foyer from a dumping ground into a grand entrance is easy! Here are a few ways to create an amazing first impression in an area that typically will experience a lot of wear… More
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Tips for Added Value: Interior

Many home sellers often overlook easy and relatively inexpensive fixes and upgrades that not only increase visual appeal, but may also add real value to a home’s selling price. While major remodeling… More
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These 8 Ideas Can Help Save Money In Your Home

Gather loose change from around the house, you know how those coins can quickly add up! Take the same approach when trimming household expenses, and find a pocketful of ongoing savings to pay down… More
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