Questions to Make Clutter Go
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Questions to Make Clutter Go

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Is your home overflowing with clutter? Most of it is likely sentimental stuff, which is the hardest to part with because they tug at us emotionally. For a can’t-miss way you make it easier to choose which should stay and which should give away, ask these five simple questions.

1. Does it make me happy? If it doesn’t make you smile or you feel guilty and stressed about not appreciating it, it should not be in the house.

2. Can I photograph it? Have something big and unwieldy that you hang on to? A photo will take less room and spark the same happy memories as the thing itself.

3. Can I scan it? Certificates, child’s drawings, old letters scanning them into a computer saves you room and also keeps them safe and secure forever.

4. Do I have two? Keep the best and donate the rest. Ask “Which one do I like the most?”

5. Who could I make happy with this? You get extra space and donating to a good cause delivers a happiness boost that can last weeks.

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