Bath and Shower Safety
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Bath and Shower Safety

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Shower and bathtub safety is an everyday concern for people, even more so for the elderly and young children. Here are some essential shower and bathtub safety tips:

  1. Never clutch or use the sliding glass shower door for stability or balance. Shower doors are not meant to support human weight. 
  2. Discard all unsafe shower and bathtub features. This could be tub seats or towel bars that are not strong enough to provide support.
  3. Install appropriate weight-bearing grab-bars. Educate the elderly about bathroom safety. 
  4. Avoid accidental scalding by turning the hot water heater temperature down to 120 degrees.
  5. Always check bathtub temperature. Nearly fifty percent of water burns come from parents putting children in water that is too hot. These burns can be serious and lead to permanent scarring.
  6. Prevent drowning in the toilet and tub as two inches of water is enough to drown a child. Do not ever leave children unattended in the tub. A lock on the toilet seat in the closed position is an effective safety practice. 
  7. Prevent electrocution in the bathroom with proper ground fault-protection outlets. Always keep the floor dry to prevent slips and falls. Place non-slip mats strategically.  
  8. Use drain covers and waterspout guards. Children often hit their heads on the waterspout, leading to injuries. Soft covers on faucets protect children’s heads.

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