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From home maintenance, to safety tips, to suggestions for staying organized and improving your mood, our electronic newsletter, ePostNotes, is filled with information to help you live, work, and feel better.

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March 2015

Be A Clutter Buster

To be a clutter buster you’ve got to be able to identify which items are truly clutter, and which are not. Clutter can be insidious, because it can be almost anything, from obvious trash to the most expensive antiques.

The same object that may be clutter for one person is most certainly not for another person.

Here are five guidelines to use to decide if something in your space could be CLUTTER... Read More.

January 2015

Easy Steps To Tackle “The Unfinished”

How many half-finished projects are hanging around your home, cluttering rooms and taking up valuable storage space?

We all have good intentions when we set aside broken jewelry to fix, clothing to mend, or pictures to add to that scrapbook we’re going to finish… someday.

Have you ever gotten fired up and started a project, only to lose steam after the initial excitement wore off? We all have... Read More.

November 2014

Are You A Rushaholic

Sure, we all want to be efficient with our time - it’s our most precious commodity. But what if it’s more efficient to do things slowly? What if going faster actually slows us down? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as we are going through a renovation at our house. There have been many instances where rushing has cost tradespeople more time and money. For example, there’s the installers who put down brand new hardwood and, rather than taking a moment to place a piece of board down to protect it, dragged our old fridge out the kitchen doorway and gouged the floor. They had to come back, set up their equipment, chip off the damaged boards and put down new ones. The cost: 3 guys, half a day and another box of wood flooring. Not to mention an unhappy customer and lost referrals... Read More.

September 2014

The Miracle of the Harvest

In the fall farmers and gardeners gather in the produce that they have been looking forward to for months. But the harvest begins long before fall and, in fact, is the result of observing specific principles that can also be applied to most aspects of life.

1. Prepare the soil - It is important that the soil has the proper acidity and composition to encourage growth. In your personal life you also need to have an environment of people and places that will help you to grow and reach your potential... Read More.

July 2014

Falling Behind

Here are five steps to regain control when life throws you off balance. Is it just me, or is life getting busier? It takes a lot of juggling to keep all the balls in the air. But every once in a while, something comes along that pulls us off balance. It could be something we welcome, like a promotion, a new addition to the family, a move or a renovation, or something unwanted, like an illness, death of a loved one, or job loss.

Whether it’s a pleasant change or a difficult one, it takes our time, energy and focus away from our day-to-day balancing act, and the balls start to drop. Tasks pile up, clutter starts to build and we fall behind... Read More.

May 2014

Spring Clean Your Life

Do you want more out of life, more money, fun & adventure, a better social life, perhaps a new romantic partner, good health, career success? If you do you are going to have to make space; A BIG SPACE.

Have you ever wandered into a new show house or apartment and lusted after the Zen like peace and tranquillity that seems to ooze from the open spaces, clutter free surfaces, immaculate bathrooms and thought if you could just move in there, life would be perfect... Read More.

March 2014

Build Self Confidence

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the need to achieve, the complexity of competition, and a fear of failure or rejection. As a result their self-confidence is like the mystical unicorn — elusive and seldom, if ever, seen. You will probably never catch a unicorn, but here are five steps to help you capture your self-confidence.

1. Focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. Know your shortcomings and weaknesses, but it’s ineffective to constantly focus on them and what could go wrong. That thinking can nullify your strengths and kill your self-confidence... Read More.

January 2014

A Fresh Start

Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life, for a better you. It’s wonderful, because this fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our lives and ourselves. Not just by creating and sticking to resolutions, but reinventing the way we live. Here’s how:

1. Let go.
Many times we are held back by the tangled web of previous failures, commitments, emotions, barriers. This is all old baggage. A fresh start demands a clean slate. Let everything from the past go (easier said than done, I know). You can have a fresh start. Let go of last year, and start anew... Read More.

November 2013

From Zero To Hero

Self-improvement is vital for success, personal growth, and self-fulfillment. Oh, and don’t forget bragging rights! Here are eight self-improvement tips everyone should know. Give this a chance. This could be the start of something great:

Self-Improvement is Like a Billiards Break.
You need to force things to come apart and scatter. This is exactly how self-improvement tips work. Force yourself to go out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to travel, go back to school, learn on the job, etc. Simply put, try everything at least once, within reason of course. It is in this self-exploration that you start to discover your real self... Read More.

September 2013

Top Ten Back To The Routine Tips

The lazy days of summer are over and it’s time to get the kids organized for the school year. Here are some tips to make getting back to the routine a little easier:

1. Create a family communication center.
Choose a location in your home that is used regularly by family members, preferably near a phone. Put up a bulletin board to display messages and the family calendar... Read More.

July 2013

Characteristics of an Optimist

Winston Churchill defined an optimist as a person who sees the opportunity in every difficulty, instead of the difficulty in every opportunity. Upbeat, self-affirming and indomitable, people with optimistic attitudes typically live longer, healthier and more successful lives than their pessimistic counterparts.

There are several characteristics that will help you identify an optimist when you meet one, or that you can learn to become one yourself... Read More.

May 2013

Spring Clutter Cleanup

Spring is a perfect time of year to freshen up your home so you can relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer ahead. But sometimes the thought of organizing the whole house can seem overwhelming. If you feel you don’t have the time to organize every nook and cranny, start with these quick and easy steps:

1. Do the five-things dash.
Walk into each room of your home with a box or garbage bag and choose five things you can throw away or donate. Choose duplicates or items that are worn out, outdated or rarely used... Read More.

March 2013

Build Yourself Up

Through coaching hundreds of people, both in my life coaching practice and as a professional organizer, I’ve discovered the one thing that seems to hold many people back from getting what they want: their thoughts. Is “stinking thinking” holding you hostage? Stinking thinking can be defined as a bad way of thinking that makes you believe you will fail, that bad things will happen to you, or that you are not a deserving person. It stems from the beliefs that were programmed into our minds years ago... Read More.

January 2013

Organizing Myths That Can Keep You Stuck

It’s time to dispel some organizing myths that may be keeping you stuck and getting in your way of a more organized life. I’ve focused on the five most common beliefs about organizing, so you can discover what works for you and what doesn’t. Once we bust the myths, you’ll be on your way to organizing like a pro... Read More.

November 2012

Organizing Your Purse & Wallet

I’ve been spending more time than I care to at the chiropractor’s office lately. Turns out the nagging pain in my right shoulder is linked to the weight of my purse. My problems started when I bought an over-sized purse and began to put more and more items in it because there was space. Can you relate?

And it’s not just women that are lugging around too many belongings; how many times have you seen men sitting lopsided on their bulging wallets?

If you are ready to put a stop to the madness and save your sanity and your body, try these tips to get your purse and/or wallet organized quickly and easily... Read More.

September 2012

Leaders Listen

There will be times in your life when you will question your thoughts or actions. To whom are you listening? This may be one of the most difficult questions you have to answer more than once in your life. However, when you determine the sources, your actions will make more sense.

You Have a Choice
The purpose of this question is for you to understand that you have a choice. You can listen to the rational voices or you can listen to the irrational ones. You can choose to listen to positive voices or negative voices. If you are faithful, you may be challenged with a choice between the ”angelic” voice or the ”devilish” voice. You will, however, notice in all of the above situations that you and you alone have the choice of which voice to listen to... Read More.

July 2012

Optimist Or Pessimist

We all have pessimism ingrained into our persona; and if we let it rule our lives, our accomplishments may be more limited. Not everything in life is great or rosy or always upbeat, but always try and keep your inner belief stoutly positive.

Pessimism, from the Latin word pessimus (worst), denotes a belief that the experienced world is the worst possible. It describes a general belief that things are bad and tend to become worse... Read More.

May 2012

Stress Control

People procrastinate for a swarm of reasons. Some say it’s simply habit, a product of how we were brought up, while others think it’s a clear sign of mental health issues.

Here is a short, fun quiz to see what kind of procrastinator you might be... Read More.

March 2012

The Art Of Procrastination

People procrastinate for a swarm of reasons. Some say it’s simply habit, a product of how we were brought up, while others think it’s a clear sign of mental health issues.

Here is a short, fun quiz to see what kind of procrastinator you might be... Read More.

January 2012

A Clean Start

Some people do spring cleaning in, well, spring. I prefer to do it before I start a new endeavor. In preparation for the New Year, you will need to make room for your new adventures and opportunities in your life... Read More.

November 2011

The Art Of A Bad Mood

Many Psychologists call it “emotional contagion.”
But you can think of it as Scroogeology or Grinchonomics.

Better yet, think of it as the woeful friend, the crabby boss, the depressed party guest whose moods are so melancholy that, despite your good cheer, they suck the joy from the season... Read More.

September 2011

Building Self Confidence

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the need to achieve, the complexity of competition, and a fear of failure or rejection. As a result their self-confidence is like the mystical unicorn — elusive and seldom, if ever, seen. You will probably never catch a unicorn, but here are the five steps that will help you capture your self-confidence... Read More.

July 2011

Stress Busters

Stress is like dark chocolate. A little of it won’t kill you. In fact, small blocks here and there can be good for you. But chronic and severe stress can damage your body and mind, blocking the fluid communication to and from most organs–especially in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and in the limbic system, the brain’s emotional center. You want these two systems running as smoothly as possible, with low levels of the delinquent stress hormones in your bloodstream.

This is why I always keep some stress busters handy. Here are nine of my favorites... Read More.

May 2011

The Importance Of Curiosity

Curiosity is an important trait of a genius. I don’t think you can find an intellectual giant who is not a curious person. Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, they are all curious characters.

But why is curiosity so important? Here are four reasons... Read More.

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