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From home maintenance, to safety tips, to suggestions for staying organized and improving your mood, our electronic newsletter, ePostNotes, is filled with information to help you live, work, and feel better.

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November 2015

Dealing With Big Life Changes

Change is constant. Whether it’s in the workplace or our relationships, nothing in life ever remains quite the same.

Regardless of the gravity of change, it can always be a little scary. So scary, in fact, that some people are downright crippled by the idea of it causing them to remain stagnant in anxiety. We can’t control every aspect of our lives and we can’t stop change from happening. But how we respond to change will greatly affect our overall life experience… Read More.

September 2015

Making Choices

Please think about this: everything you feel, think, and do is totally your own responsibility.

All your reactions to others and to what they say or do to you are also your own responsibility. And all your reactions to neighborhood, community, and global events are also your own responsibility… Read More.

July 2015

What Exceptional People Say Every Day

Want to make a huge difference in another person’s life? Want to make a huge difference in your life? Here are things you should say every day -- to your employees, colleagues, family members, friends, and everyone you care about:

1. “Here’s what I’m thinking.”
You’re in charge but that doesn’t mean you’re smarter, savvier, or more insightful than everyone else. Back up your statements and decisions. Justify with logic, not with position or authority. Authority can make you “right,” but collaboration makes everyone right… Read More.

May 2015

Reclaim Your Garage

The one room in the house that is open for the whole neighborhood to see is often the most unsightly and neglected - the garage. If you are lucky to have one - congratulations; real estate agents claim this is one of the most requested amenities. You can’t beat the convenience and security of having a place to protect one of your largest investments - your vehicle.

However, many people can’t use the garage for its intended purpose because it has become a dumping ground for cast-offs. But there’s hope. All it takes is some weeding out and a simple system that gets your items off the floor and onto the wall… Read More.

March 2015

Be A Clutter Buster

To be a clutter buster you’ve got to be able to identify which items are truly clutter, and which are not. Clutter can be insidious, because it can be almost anything, from obvious trash to the most expensive antiques.

The same object that may be clutter for one person is most certainly not for another person.

Here are five guidelines to use to decide if something in your space could be CLUTTER… Read More.

January 2015

Easy Steps To Tackle “The Unfinished”

How many half-finished projects are hanging around your home, cluttering rooms and taking up valuable storage space?

We all have good intentions when we set aside broken jewelry to fix, clothing to mend, or pictures to add to that scrapbook we’re going to finish… someday.

Have you ever gotten fired up and started a project, only to lose steam after the initial excitement wore off? We all have… Read More.

November 2014

Are You A Rushaholic

Sure, we all want to be efficient with our time - it’s our most precious commodity. But what if it’s more efficient to do things slowly? What if going faster actually slows us down? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as we are going through a renovation at our house. There have been many instances where rushing has cost tradespeople more time and money. For example, there’s the installers who put down brand new hardwood and, rather than taking a moment to place a piece of board down to protect it, dragged our old fridge out the kitchen doorway and gouged the floor. They had to come back, set up their equipment, chip off the damaged boards and put down new ones. The cost: 3 guys, half a day and another box of wood flooring. Not to mention an unhappy customer and lost referrals… Read More.

September 2014

The Miracle of the Harvest

In the fall farmers and gardeners gather in the produce that they have been looking forward to for months. But the harvest begins long before fall and, in fact, is the result of observing specific principles that can also be applied to most aspects of life.

1. Prepare the soil - It is important that the soil has the proper acidity and composition to encourage growth. In your personal life you also need to have an environment of people and places that will help you to grow and reach your potential… Read More.

July 2014

Falling Behind

Here are five steps to regain control when life throws you off balance. Is it just me, or is life getting busier? It takes a lot of juggling to keep all the balls in the air. But every once in a while, something comes along that pulls us off balance. It could be something we welcome, like a promotion, a new addition to the family, a move or a renovation, or something unwanted, like an illness, death of a loved one, or job loss.

Whether it’s a pleasant change or a difficult one, it takes our time, energy and focus away from our day-to-day balancing act, and the balls start to drop. Tasks pile up, clutter starts to build and we fall behind… Read More.

May 2014

Spring Clean Your Life

Do you want more out of life, more money, fun & adventure, a better social life, perhaps a new romantic partner, good health, career success? If you do you are going to have to make space; A BIG SPACE.

Have you ever wandered into a new show house or apartment and lusted after the Zen like peace and tranquillity that seems to ooze from the open spaces, clutter free surfaces, immaculate bathrooms and thought if you could just move in there, life would be perfect… Read More.

March 2014

Build Self Confidence

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the need to achieve, the complexity of competition, and a fear of failure or rejection. As a result their self-confidence is like the mystical unicorn — elusive and seldom, if ever, seen. You will probably never catch a unicorn, but here are five steps to help you capture your self-confidence.

1. Focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. Know your shortcomings and weaknesses, but it’s ineffective to constantly focus on them and what could go wrong. That thinking can nullify your strengths and kill your self-confidence… Read More.

January 2014

A Fresh Start

Every year, January brings renewed optimism for change, for a better life, for a better you. It’s wonderful, because this fresh start gives us a chance to reinvent our lives and ourselves. Not just by creating and sticking to resolutions, but reinventing the way we live. Here’s how:

1. Let go.
Many times we are held back by the tangled web of previous failures, commitments, emotions, barriers. This is all old baggage. A fresh start demands a clean slate. Let everything from the past go (easier said than done, I know). You can have a fresh start. Let go of last year, and start anew… Read More.

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