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Green and Safe Living

Home Environmental Services from Pillar To Post

green houseAs North Americans become more conscious of the complicated issues affecting our planet, many are striving to make simple changes to the way they live to lessen their environmental impact.

When it comes to homeownership, more and more of the people we work with at Pillar To Post want to make greener more responsible choices. They want to know how the home they choose to live in will affect their natural environment, and in turn what effect their environment may be having on the health of their home and family.

At Pillar To Post, we share our clients' concerns and we are proud to offer a variety of services to help homeowners live greener and healthier lives. In addition to our core professional home inspection, many Pillar To Post inspectors* also offer:

Radon Inspection

You can't see, smell, or taste radon, but it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking in North America, and it could be present at a dangerous level in your home. A Pillar To Post Home Inspector can conduct a radon test as either part of the home inspection process or on its own. If an elevated level of radon is detected, steps can be taken to mitigate the concentration inside the home.

Home Energy Audits

home environment - cost savingsA home energy audit will minimize your home's impact on the environment, add value to the property, save money on heating and cooling costs, and make you more comfortable. A professionally trained Home Energy Auditor will evaluate the home to determine how efficiently it uses energy, provide a detailed report of his or her findings, and make specific recommendations for energy-saving changes.

Mold Inspection, Well-Water Testing, and Lead Paint Inspection

Concerned about a musty smell in the air or black patches on the wall? Using a well water system, or living in an older home where lead paint may have been used? Your Pillar To Post home inspector can conduct tests and provide recommendations for dealing with mold, well-water and lead paint issues.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Canary Air Quality Assurance®Is the air in your home making your family sick? Asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses can be caused by problems with the air we breathe. An Indoor Air Quality Evaluation from Pillar To Post and Canary Air Quality Assurance will allow you to pinpoint and eliminate any potentially harmful pollutants in your home, before they become a problem or cause further damage.

Neighborhood Environmental Report™

Environmental Data Resources Inc.Most properties and neighborhoods appear clean, but how can you know for sure? A Neighborhood Environmental Report provided by EDR – a recognized authority in providing environmental information – will explore records of contamination ranging from relatively common occurrences to more serious issues to determine the health of your specific address as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

* Availability of additional services may vary according to location and certifications, contact your local Pillar To Post Home Inspector for details.